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Two former roommates from college combine talents to make independent films...
An Author & An Actor

  Who is RMP?
Chad Bring - An Author
Eric Dwight - An Actor

  Feature Films
"Kitty Cats & Exit Signs"
"Halfway Point"

  Short Films
"Aisle to Aisle"
"Who's There?"

  In Pre-Production
"Life Unattended"
"Table for Two"

   Film Trailers
"KC&ES" Trailer
"Laundromat" Trailer

"Aisle to Aisle"

   Other Stuff
Directors Chairs
Film Posters


Welcome to RoomMate Productions

We want to take this time to shamelessly plug the Omaha Film Festival.

Omaha Film Festival 2015 :

Omaha Film Festival 2014
You can follow the festival on TWITTER and FACEBOOK 

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