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Life Unattended

After graduating from Lincoln North High School, Bret had plans to head out west with his girlfriend, Kelly, and become a famous actor. She was the one who originally inspired him and it was because of her, he was going. Bret also had great friends in high school that he saw as being his friends for life; even if they were going to be two thousand miles away. Then Bret ran into a speed bump…reality. Kelly broke up with him and with out that inspiration he made it only as far as sixty miles from home. Also, even though he lived so close to his friends, they lost touch and he hasn't seen them since graduation. Bret quickly gave up on acting and found work in a fast food restaurant that would become his career. Then the invitation came… Lincoln North High School's Ten Year Class Reunion.

Now Bret is on his way back to his reunion to regain that inspiration he thinks he needs; in other words, re-connect with his ex-girlfriend. In the process, Bret discovers that he isn't the only one with problems. The good friends he had in high school, even though they've had many successes, have hurdles of their own. Bret also meets LJ, a young woman with aspirations similar to his own. In the short time that they know each other, they form a bond that is everlasting and life changing.

"Life Unattended" is a story about finding inspiration and realizing that sometimes to go forward, you have to go back.

It's "Garden State" meets "The Big Chill".

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