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Two former roommates from college combine talents to make independent films...
An Author & An Actor
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  The Cast
Eric Dwight - Husband
Julia Houston - Wife
Jody Olsen - Young Mother
Geoffrey Stienblock - Student #1
Dan Lund - Student #2
Chad Bring - Angry Man
Jill Jackson - Hottie
Zachariah Barrientos - Mysterious Man

   The Crew
Red Frogs Productions

   The Soundtrack
Big Daddy & Authorized Personnel

  Film Trailer
"Laundromat" Trailer

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Big Daddy & Authorized Personnel

Big Daddy & Authorized Personnel

Sountrack list:
"Too Many Irons In The Fire"
"Your Eyes"
"No Tomorrow"
"Help Me Through the Day"
"Doin' Things My Way"

The Band:
"Big Daddy" Caleb Whisenhunt : Vocals/Sax
"Dudy" Dustin Herbek : Guitar
Adam "Hambone" Harris : Bass
Nate "Wet Sox" Campbell : Drums

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