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  The Cast
Eric Dwight - Husband
Julia Houston - Wife
Jody Olsen - Young Mother
Geoffrey Stienblock - Student #1
Dan Lund - Student #2
Chad Bring - Angry Man
Jill Jackson - Hottie
Zachariah Barrientos - Mysterious Man

   The Crew
Red Frogs Productions

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Big Daddy & Authorized Personnel

  Film Trailer
"Laundromat" Trailer

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Interesting facts about "Laundromat"

  • Student #1 & Student #2 are based on characters from Eric's senior project in college, "Slate" who were played by Eric Dwight & Chad Bring in the first film called "Road Trippin".
  • Laundromat took two days to film. Filming took place between 9pm and 4am on March 18th & 19th.
  • The book the hottie is reading is Left Standing by Chad Bring who plays the "angry man".
  • Eric & Chad have a scene in the movie that only took one take. Usually, they go through several takes.
  • The picture the young mother is looking at is a picture of Adam Koch's daughter, Alyssa.
  • The wife refers to her past boyfriend by name, Brad Houston, which is her husband's name in real life.

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