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  "Kitty Cats & Exit Signs"

  The Cast
Pat & JT - Themselves
Eric Dwight - Michael
Catherine Giles - Lin
Brook Hubbard - Lilly
Adam A. Koch - Alex
Andy Stout - Clay
Randi-Shane Knox - Alyssa
Erich Hover - Cliff
Liz Mulhern - Heidi
Jim Frawley - Jimmy
Chris Dowd - Danny
Shannon T. Mosley - Richard
Chad Bring - Joe
Andy Stewart - Carl
April Schaeffer - Michelle
Bob Vranes - KPT Employee
Lou Moulton - Bartender

  The Crew
Extreme Films

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"KC&ES" Trailer

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Extreme Films has graciously agreed to join RoomMate Productions in their venture to film "Kitty Cats & Eixt Signs". They will be helping RMP with all our camera work, sound, and lighting.

Extreme Films is a local film company run by Lou Moulton & Robert J. Vranes who have produced various films which can be found on their Extreme Films site.

Along with organizing and hosting the Extreme 2-Day Film Festival, Bob & Lou run "". The Extreme Team site is a simple website that is used as a guide to everything that Lou and Bob are working on.

Bob and Lou recently added a new Podcast (online Radio Show) to their resume. The show is titled: Filmmakers Forum and can be downloaded and listened to at: or The Filmmakers Forum is a show dedicated to Indepedent Filmmakers, musicians and artists of all types. The show will also include interviews, reviews, music and other Independent related topics.

Learn more about Extreme Films here at

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