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  "Kitty Cats & Exit Signs"

  The Cast
Pat & JT - Themselves
Eric Dwight - Michael
Catherine Giles - Lin
Brook Hubbard - Lilly
Adam A. Koch - Alex
Andy Stout - Clay
Randi-Shane Knox - Alyssa
Erich Hover - Cliff
Liz Mulhern - Heidi
Jim Frawley - Jimmy
Chris Dowd - Danny
Shannon T. Mosley - Richard
Chad Bring - Joe
Andy Stewart - Carl
April Schaeffer - Michelle
Bob Vranes - KPT Employee
Lou Moulton - Bartender

  The Crew
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Kitty Cats & Exit Signs


Written and Directed by Eric Dwight & Chad Bring

Inspired by a True Story

"What if a call from a telemarketer turned out to be a call from your soul mate?"

Michael is an all around average guy. He spends his life coasting; by eating, sleeping, working, and telling stories. He works as a telemarketer at Key Point Telemarketing in Omaha, Nebraska. His department focuses on selling membership programs to new customers and offering specials to current members of the Odyssey Credit Card. He loves his job because he is able to utilize his outgoing personality.

He has two close friends at work; Cliff and Heidi, who he passes the day talking to when he isn't on the phone. His supervisor, Clay, is always coming down on him for his over-the-top and sometimes distracting sales technique.

This morning started out like any other morning. Michael woke up, ate breakfast, and drove to work. When Michael, Cliff, and Heidi came back from lunch, Michael's first call was to a woman in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Her name is Lin and she recently signed up for the Odyssey credit card. This is her first credit card after starting her life all over again. Normally she would hang up on telemarketers, but Michael's outgoing personality and charm sparked her attention...

Soon the phone calls were being held after work hours and into the dawn of the next day...

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