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  "Halfway Point"

  The Cast
Josh Ames - Andy
Sarah Klugh - Tia
Dave Headly - Alan
Jill Jackson - Emily
Eric Dwight - Sean
Chad Bring - Cameron
Sheila Vinson - Shannon
Pat Smith - Justin
Brad Houston - Mark
Tracy Witt - Susan
Justin Grosnickle - Jake
Emily Pottebaum - Kara
Ryan Moehring - Nick
Stephanie Kidd - Heather

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Halfway Point

Written and Directed by Chad Bring & Eric Dwight

"You can't search for something, without leaving something behind."

Andy, a recent college graduate decides to change his life which means having to move from his hometown of Wayne, Nebraska to Omaha, Nebraska, a city 100 times larger; leaving behind his long-time girlfriend, friends, his dad, and the life he has always known. What he isn't prepared for is the change that takes place with his new surroundings.

Halfway Point

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