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Two former roommates from college combine talents to make independent films...
An Author & An Actor

  Who is RMP?
Chad Bring - An Author
Eric Dwight - An Actor

  Feature Films
"Kitty Cats & Exit Signs"
"Halfway Point"

  Short Films
"Aisle to Aisle"
"Who's There?"

  In Pre-Production
"Life Unattended"
"Table for Two"

   Film Trailers
"KC&ES" Trailer
"Laundromat" Trailer

"Aisle to Aisle"

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RoomMate Productions' Films

Independent Films by RoomMate Productions:

Feature Films:
- "Halfway Point" - comedy/drama (90 minutes) (
"You can't search for something, without leaving something behind."

- "Kitty Cats & Exit Signs" - romantic comedy (80 minutes) (
"What if a call from a telemarketer turned out to be a call from your soul mate?"

- "Life Unattended" - drama (in pre-production)

Short Films:
- "Aisle to Aisle" - silent/drama (10 minutes) (
"What starts off as a mere quest for groceries will become an entanglement of past, present, and possible future as two people pass each other from aisle to aisle"

- "Clay" - documentary (30 minutes)
"Sometimes... calling the girl is the hardest thing to do..."

- "Laundromat" - comedy/drama (30 minutes) (
"A common place, with common people."

- "Silence" - drama (8 minutes) (
"In the midst of a telephone conversation, silence can take over"

- "Table for Two" - drama (in pre-production)
At a table for two...
An unexpected question.
An unexpected answer.

- "Wednesday" - drama (ten minutes)
"What if today was your last?"

- "Who's There?" - suspense (3 minutes)
"When you are alone at home and you hear something, what do you do? What do you ask?"

Film Trailers:
- "Kitty Cats & Exit Signs"
- "Laundromat"

- "Aisle to Aisle"
- "Silence"
- "Go Green"

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