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  The Cast
Eric Dwight - Clay
Julia Houston - Nikki
Chad Bring - Michael
Reggie Clark - Jeff
Zachariah Barrientos - Charlie
Lisa Barrientos - Carrie
Ivy McVeigh - Dana
Amy Barron - Sally
Lee Alan - Robert
Rita Maree - Bonnie

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A Mocumentary

Written by Eric Dwight

Directed by Chad Bring & Eric Dwight

"Sometimes... calling the girl is the hardest thing to do..."

Clay went out to a bar with two guys from work. While at the bar, a young woman Nikki caught his eye. With the help of two friends from work, Clay approached the woman and he walked away with her number. Now the next night, he is having a problem getting up enough courage to call her. Hear from Clay's co-workers to his family to Nikki herself on what they think Clay will do.

(This was RoomMate Productions' first film)

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