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  "Aisle to Aisle"

  The Cast
Ben Beck - Rob
Leah Allen - Amber
Catherine Giles - Ex-girlfriend
Geoffrey Stienblock - Ex-boyfriend
Elon Floyd - New Guy
Eric Dwight - Grocery Store Checker
Chad Bring - Grocery Store Sacker
Adam A. Koch - Grocery Store Shopper
Christi Koch - Grocery Store Shopper

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"Aisle to Aisle"

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Aisle to Aisle


Written and Directed by Chad Bring, Eric Dwight, & Kevin O'Neill

"What starts off as a mere quest for groceries will become an entanglement of past, present, and possible future as two people pass each other from aisle to aisle"

Our normal daily lives are routine, dull, and black & white. Occasionally, we see something which reminds us of a moment in our past that molded who we have become. Most of the time we dream of a more colorful life, but then hesitate, only to remain black & white.

Aisle to Aisle

A man and a woman pass each other while grocery shopping. While picking out items to put in their basket, they flashback to scenes from their life. As they pass each other, they think what life would be like if...

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