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Two former roommates from college combine talents to make independent films...
An Author & An Actor

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Chad Bring - An Author
Eric Dwight - An Actor

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"Kitty Cats & Exit Signs"
"Halfway Point"

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"Aisle to Aisle"
"Who's There?"

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"Life Unattended"
"Table for Two"

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"Aisle to Aisle"

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About RoomMate Productions

Chad Eric Adam
(Chad Bring - Eric Dwight - Adam Koch)

RoomMate Productions is an independent film production company established in 2002 by Chad Bring & Eric Dwight who set out to make films based on personal experiences. It was a chance to create opportunity in Omaha, Nebraska - a city that had gone without a lot of independent filmmaking.

2009: RoomMate Productions has six short films and two feature films and are currently in pre-production in their third feature film ("Life Unattended") in addition to a short-film ("Table for Two").

...combine talents to make independent films...
Chad is an author with his first novel, Left Standing in print.
Eric is an actor who has appeared in local films & commercials.

RMP's Honorary Member:
Adam is an editor who was involved in editing RMP's films in 2005 and the RMP historian with his behind-the-scenes documentary.

With the exception of "Silence", both Chad & Eric have appeared in every film.
Adam appeared in "Halfway Point" & "Aisle to Aisle" as an extra and had a role in "Wednesday" & "Kitty Cats & Exit Signs".

About Our Films:
Each film was written from scratch from Eric and/or Chad. Ideas are passed back and forth until a suitable final script could be agreed upon. RMP has experienced with suspense, drama, comedy, and documentary. The intention of the films (beyond entertaining) is to gain exposure for our actors & actressess and musicians that supply music for the soundtracks. Many of the films have toured the independent film festival circuit and have won awards as well.

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